The topic for the Festival's upcoming 2015 edition has been decided!
[7] Places [7] Precarious Fields
For the 6th edition of Fotofestival Mannheim-Ludwigshafen-Heidelberg the renowned Swiss curator Urs Stahel has drawn up an exciting exhibition concept!
From 18 September until 15 November 2015, under the title [7] Places [7] Precarious Fields, our society's current crises will be discussed! The exhibitions at the participating institutions will deal with uprooting, delocalization, alienation, with high-tech production and social control, with real and virtual migration, with aggrandized self-images, highly-strung psyches, rapacity, with narcissism and the loss of self-control, and finally with violence, surveillance and punishment. They will reflect these precarious fields on the basis of chiefly contemporary photographic and video works. In a blend of documentary and artistic works, of murals, projections, installations, showcase works, films and videos, a discursive climate that is also optically visible is to be generated, a climate that meets the requirements for dealing with these themes.

Participants will include: Ai Weiwei (China), Ilit Azoulay (Israel), Gaëlle Boucand (France), Adam Broomberg (South Africa) / Oliver Chanarin (United Kingdom), Edmund Clarke (United Kingdom), Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques (France), Henrik Spohler (Germany), Mishka Henner (Belgium), Melanie Gilligan (Canada), Trevor Paglen (USA), Maya Rochat (Switzerland), Rico Scagliola / Michael Meier (Switzerland), Dayanita Singh (India), Jules Spinatsch (Switzerland) and Stefanos Tsivopoulos (Greece).

URS STAHEL Curator 6th Fotofestival 2015
Urs Stahel is going to curate the 6th Fotofestival edition in autumn 2015
Urs Stahel is the founding director of Fotomuseum Winterthur, which, in the 20 years under his leadership, has evolved into one of the most important photography institutions. The internationally active photography specialist is additionally the co-founder of Kunsthalle Zurich, visiting professor at the University of Zurich, and curator at MAST, the new centre of industrial culture in Bologna. He is the curator and author of numerous exhibitions and publications.

For the upcoming Fotofestival Urs Stahel will develop an overriding exhibition concept that will give rise to discussions from various perspectives at the participating institutions.